Commercial Property Assessment & Consultation

Parthenon Commercial Corp. provides commercial property assessment and consultation services.

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Parthenon Commercial Corp.  is a real estate consulting firm headquartered in Indianapolis and specializing in commercial property assessments. Our thorough and easy-to-understand reports assist property owners, investors, and managers to identify potential risks associated with commercial real estate. Contact Parthenon at (877) 218-1010 to learn more about our consulting services or request more information online now.

Assessment and Consultation Services

  • Property Condition Assessments (PCAs): Parthenon conforms to the ASTM Standard E2018-15. We offer specific system assessments as well as commercial building inspections (CBIs).
  • Phase I Environmental Assessments: Parthenon performs Phase I Environmental Assessments as part of due diligence in real estate transactions. We assess for any potential contamination liabilities, and analyze the property from a historical context as well as its current or proposed uses.
  • And more!

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Parthenon is headquartered in the Indianapolis area and serves all of Indiana, the Midwest, and beyond. We are excited to partner with you and provide professional assessment and consultation services for your unique commercial property ventures. To get started, call us at (317) 218-1010 or request more information online. We look forward to working with you!