Parthenon Commercial Corp. offers a Environmental Transaction Screen – an alternative approach to a Phase I and is conducted in accordance with the ASTM E1528-14 Standards. The scope of work for this assessment is limited and is designed to assess the environmental condition of commercial real estate. To schedule your Environmental Transaction Screen, call Parthenon at (877) 218-1010 or request more information.

Environmental Transaction Screen

If looking to qualify for CERCLA or Landowner Liability Protection (LLP), as required by many lenders, conducting an Environmental Transaction Screen should not be used — a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment should be used. However, the Environmental Transaction Screen can be useful in determining overall environmental risk of a commercial property and can identify (at minimum cost) whether further environmental assessments are needed.

Professionally Trained Inspectors

The team at Parthenon is professionally trained to the guidelines established by the American Standard for Testing and Material (ASTM), and completes extensive continuing education every year. Our inspectors possess superior communication skills and exceptional technical abilities, positioning them as the ideal third party to review the construction work in progress. In addition to Property Condition Assessments, we also offer Commercial Building Inspections (CBI), Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and more.

Adhere to ASTM Guidelines

Exceptional technical abilities

Superior Communication skills

Types of Properties We Inspect

Parthenon conducts commercial property inspections for a variety of structure types, including:

Office Buildings

Industrial Warehouse Buildings

Professional Medical Offices

Multi-Family Housing

Retail Centers

Religious Buildings

Institutional Buildings

Detailed Inspections and Overview Reporting

An Environmental Transaction Screen is an alternative approach to a Phase I and is conducted in accordance with the ASTM E1528-14 Standards. Parthenon is headquartered in the Indianapolis area, and serves all of Indiana, the Midwest, and beyond. Request more information online now, or call (877) 218-1010 to speak with an expert.