Parthenon Commercial Corp. serves all of Indiana and beyond, offering accurate and in-depth property inspections. Our commercial building inspectors are extensively trained to the ASTM standards, and as a result, they are skilled at completing any type of commercial property assessment. Call Parthenon at (877) 218-1010 to speak with us about your property assessment needs, or request more information online now.

Our Commercial Building Inspection Services

Parthenon offers a broad range of commercial property inspections and services:

Commercial Property Assessments – Parthenon offers several types of PCAs, designed to assess the current conditions of a commercial property and provide detailed information about its various systems and components.

Construction Inspections – Parthenon acts as a third party to review the construction work being completed. This helps mitigate risk for both property owners and lenders and keeps projects on schedule and within budget.

Environmental Assessments – These assessments are conducted to discover any environmental contamination liabilities and to assess the health and safety of the property. The environmental assessment is often completed as part of the due diligence process for property owners and lenders.

Life Safety & Regulatory – Our fire protection evaluation is a visual, non-destructive inspection of the property for compliance with municipal fire code. We seek to diminish fire risk, protect the property, and verify system compliance.

Serving a Variety of Properties in Indiana

Parthenon is experienced in the assessments of all types of commercial properties across Indiana, including:

Office Buildings

Industrial Warehouse Buildings

Professional Medical Offices

Multi-Family Housing

Retail Centers

Religious Buildings

Institutional Buildings

Trained & Experienced Building Inspectors

Parthenon’s trained commercial building inspectors and wide range of property inspection services provided position us to partner with all types of Indiana real-estate clients. Call us today at (877) 218-1010 to schedule your commercial property condition assessment or other inspection, or request more information now. Headquartered near Indianapolis, Indiana, we serve the entire Midwest and beyond.