An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifies a property’s environmental condition, as well as the historical and current uses and operations of the property and neighboring properties. Parthenon Commercial Corp. is headquartered in the Indianapolis area, and conducts Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in the Midwest and beyond. To learn more, call (877) 218-1010 or request info online now.

Phase I Environmental Assessments

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a non-intrusive study that will include a review of the former site land use and ownership, historical aerial photographs of the site and vicinity and, if possible, discussions with the personnel onsite who are familiar with the operational history. Government agencies and local municipalities will be contacted upon Client approval. An onsite inspection to ascertain the environmental issues at the property will also be conducted as part of this assessment.

The Phase I ESA may identify environmental conditions that require further sampling or testing. Detailed studies beyond the scope of this environmental investigation may be required for asbestos testing and inventory, assessment of soil or groundwater impairment, and/or clean-up work.

It should be made clear that even with the most extensive testing and investigation, it would not be possible to provide complete assurance that there are no contaminants anywhere on the site. This is a process of highlighting the risks, while not eliminating them.
Once award of a Phase I ESA is received, offsite work will commence immediately. This offsite work consists of the review of historical databases and records, in addition to contacting appropriate regulatory authorities. Some charges for this work will still be incurred even if the Phase I ESA is cancelled before the actual site visit. Charges for this work will be billed at our hourly rate plus disbursements.

During the environmental impact assessment, the following steps may occur:
  • Evaluation of neighboring properties
  • Review of federal, state, or local records
  • Collection of information pertaining to the history of the property
  • Examination of prior land usage and permits granted
  • Identification of draining patterns and topography
  • Examination of records related to water quality and soil contamination
Given the broad scope of the Phase I Environmental Assessment, it is imperative that inspectors are well-trained. At Parthenon, our inspectors are trained to the criterion established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and American Standard for Testing and Material (ASTM), particularly in ASTM Standard E1527-13.

Assessment Experts

Environmental risk assessments are an integral component of property and land ownership and lending and are often part of due diligence in real estate transactions. Along with environmental assessments, Parthenon also provides Property Condition Assessmentsconstruction inspectionslife safety consultations, and more. Headquartered in the Indianapolis area, we serve all of Indiana, the Midwest, and beyond. Call Parthenon at (877) 218-1010 to speak with us about scheduling your environmental impact assessment.